2018-2019 Presentations

Teacher Leaders Present a Year of Research and Work

On May 18th, the 2018-2019 Teacher Leaders came together at Nashua High School North to present their research projects to the community. This year members worked on the following topics:

  • How Can Nashua Increase Family and Community Engagement?
  • What's Up with Homework?
  • Music Class Length and Frequency
  • Student Engagement
  • Educating the Parents of Our English Language Learners about the Nashua School System
  • What are the Needs of a School Library Program to Make the Most Gains in Student Academic Achievement
  • When we Incorporate Trauma-Sensitive Practices in Our Interactions with Students, What Changes do we See in the Students' Academic Behavior?
  • Improving Culture and Climate
  • Knowing My Learners - Student Engagement

The goal of the research projects is to implement them into the district and/or schools to improve the district/school. Since the beginning of this program, several research projects have been adopted in the district including the rotating/water fall schedules used at Fairgrounds and Elm Street Middle Schools.

Also during this year's presentations, the Teacher Leaders Program recognized James Graham for his work with the Teacher Leaders. James has spent the last five years working with the group.

Recognition of James Graham