Education Council

As outlined in Article 10 of the Teachers' collective bargaining agreement:

A. A joint Educational Council shall continue to operate during the term of this Agreement. It shall consist of three (3) representatives of the BOARD, one of which shall be the Superintendent or his designee, and three (3) Nashua teachers appointed by the UNION. The Council shall meet at least four (4) times a year and advise the BOARD on matters of mutual concern and other related matters regarding the effective operation of the District. Principals may be invited as observers whenever the items proposed for discussion are directly related to areas over which they exercise primary authority.

B. The Educational Council shall establish its own rules of procedure and shall provide for a rotating chairman who shall be responsible for the arrangement and conduct of meetings.

C. The Council shall meet by prepared agenda.

D. The Council shall be empowered by majority vote to form sub-committees to study and render reports to the Council.

E. The function of the Educational Council is to recommend for BOARD consideration the establishment of policies and practices pertinent to the District. The Council in preparing their recommendation for BOARD consideration shall at all times avail itself of the most up-to-date research pertinent to such recommendations. In addition, it shall provide for majority reports and minority reports, if any, pertinent to its recommendations.

F. All reports and recommendations outlined above in Section D and E shall be in writing.

G. The BOARD in order to establish this Council and to enable it to function adequately agrees to budget $l,000 annually to provide for expenditures related to the work of the Council.

H. A supplementary budget of $10,000 in each school year shall be established to provide for needs not previously anticipated and to allow teachers to capitalize on new and innovative materials which become available during the course of the school year. The Council may make recommendations to the BOARD concerning the disbursement of said funds.

Education Council Representatives:

Dave Varano, Elementary School

Stephanie Keating-Bayrd, Middle School

Wendy Dufoe, High School