Election Committee

Election Committee

a. The Election Committee will be composed of five (5) members. Due consideration shall be made to maintain representation from all units. No committee member will be a candidate for office.

b. Duties shall be to:

1. Set an election date and set forth the rules of conduct and procedures for said election, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.

2. Approve nomination petitions of potential Executive Board candidates. Nomination petitions must be signed by at least 20 members if said candidates are to be placed on the election ballot.

3. Publish, prior to the election, a profile of each Executive Board candidate.

4. Prepare official ballots and distribute them to Building Representatives for distribution to all members.

5. Tabulate all results and forward them to the President who will be responsible for the publication of the results.

For more information please contact Terry Freeman, NTU Office Manager.