Week of October 3, 2022

Message from the President

We have made it to the first week of October. To be honest, there were times that September flew by and others times it dragged on. But that could probably be said about any month of the year except March. March always seems to drag, but I digress.

We continue to negotiate a new contract for the Paraeducators and the Secretaries. The Paraeducators meet again on Tuesday. While negotiations are a confidential process for a variety of reasons, I can tell you that we have heard loud and clear that pay is a top priority. Your negotiating teams have heard you and continue to press on with that at the forefront of all sessions.

Last week, we concluded a Secretaries session without reaching an agreement. We are meeting again on October 12th to hopefully move closer to an agreement. As we finish each session, whether it be Paraeducators or Secretaries, I will send information out to the membership via the Board of Directors.

Happening this Week!

Staff Listening Sessions Registration link: https://forms.gle/qiUnYbQsdSVb8Cry5

Using School Email

It is very common for staff to communication with parents, colleagues, the Union, and school district administration through school email, especially during remote learning. As public employees, any email you send using your nashua.edu or nsd42.net account is subject to the Right to Know laws under RSA 91-A. I would remind all staff that school email should be used for school purposes only. Those purposes could include communicating with administrators, parents, students (see POPPs Policy GBEBD), and colleagues about school-related topics. Your school email should generally not be used for personal business (see POPPs Policy EHAA). General Union business can be sent through school email including meeting announcements, updates, the Monday Morning Message, etc. If you are seeking advice regarding a concern you may have with your administrator, you should use your personal email or call the Union directly. It is safe to assume you can respond to the Union on your school email if we have emailed you directly. Please be mindful of how you are using your school email. If you have any questions, please contact the Union Office.

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Beach my a sandslide...(see what I did there?)

For me, snow is the way to go, but almost 75% of you disagree with me.

Just for Fun

I saw this week's question on Facebook. How does the toilet paper roll go on the holder? I have heard this has caused quite the bit of controversy in many homes.

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Upcoming Events

  • October 4th - October 5th

      • Yom Kippur

  • October 4th

      • NTU Blue Day - Wear NTU Blue to Support the Paraeducator Negotiations Team

      • Paraeducator Negotiations, 10:00am, Central Office

      • Executive Board, 4:00pm, via Zoom

  • October 5th

      • NTU President/Superintendent Meeting, 3:00pm, Central Office

  • October 6th

      • Staff Listening Sessions, 3:00pm - 4:00pm; 4:30pm - 5:30pm, Nashua High School North (registration required)

  • October 10th

      • Indigenous Peoples Day; No School

  • October 11th

      • Board of Directors, 4:15pm, Nashua High School North

      • BOE Finance and Operations Committee, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • October 12th

      • NTU Blue Day - Wear NTU Blue to Support the Secretary Negotiations Team

      • Secretary Negotiations, 2:00pm, Central Office

      • NTU President/Superintendent Meeting, 3:00pm, Central Office

  • October 17th

      • BOE Human Resources Committee, 5:30pm, Nashua High School North

      • Board of Education Meeting, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • October 18th

      • Executive Board/Superintendent Meeting, 4:00pm, Central Office

Questions? Comments? Need Assistance? Contact a member of the Executive Board

Trying to email Adam? Make sure to use president@nashuatu.org