Week of September 28, 2020

Message from the President

Today marks the beginning of week number four of remote learning. In the coming weeks, some of our colleagues will return to school in a hybrid model. This is meant with both excitement and angst among our staff. I think we can all agree that we would all prefer to be back to normal, teaching from our classrooms, working with our small groups, and seeing our students in person. Some are ready to do that right now while others are more hesitant and apprehensive. One of the many things the Union has been pushing for is the proper PPE for students and staff. Late last week, I was copied on an email that laid out the extensive list of PPE that has been purchased for our district. To date, this is what the district has on hand for PPE and is being distributed to each school:

  • Desk Shields (for main offices, special education, and additional shields to be distributed at principal's discretion)

  • Face Shields (with additional face shields to be ordered)

  • Hand wipes (with additional to be ordered anticipating a high demand)

  • Disposable masks (at least 4,000 per school to start)

  • Non-disposable masks (2 for each staff member)

  • Gowns (for nurses and special education staff)

  • Gloves (for nurses and special education staff; should be available to other staff as needed)

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been mounted and filled (if you notice an empty one, please notify your administrator)

  • MERV 13 filters are being installed district-wide

  • Classrooms will be "fogged" each night

      • This includes desks, chairs, tables and the floor

      • Book shelves are not included

      • Surfaces will be fogged in the evening in will be ready for use the following morning

      • The products being used for fogging include Viro-Tab and Vital Oxide

      • Non-paper materials such as manipulatives can be left on the tables to be fogged

      • Fogged surfaces do not need to be wiped down after they are fogged before you use them

      • Surfaces can be wiped down with district-provided sanitizing products/wipes during the day as needed

  • Sanitizing materials for use in classrooms and between small groups

If you have any questions about any of the materials or where to get them in your school, please start with your building principal. If you are not satisfied with their answer or something is not available to you, please contact me immediately (president@nashuatu.org or 888-7544). The district has been be open and willing to work with us. I expect that will continue when it comes to providing the proper PPE for our staff and students.

Know Your Contract

Personal Days

Now, more than ever, our personal and sick time are very valuable. All four contracts have language about using personal days. The language lists specific reasons when you can take a personal day as well as how much notice you need to give to use one outside of an emergency. Please make sure you are following your contract when you are using your personal days. A few people have misused their time, talked and posted about it, and then faced discipline for that misuse. If you have specific questions about using your time, please contact your building representative, an officers or the Union Office.

Happening Now...

Posting on Social Media

The NTU proudly supports the 1st Amendment and everyone is entitled to freedom of speech on social media platforms. Please be mindful of when you are posting, especially when we are working remotely. While we have some very supportive parents and community members, we do have some people that will use that type of post against us.

Theme Song for the Semester - Winner

And the winner of the Theme Song for the Semester is...wait...it's a three-way tie!!!

The following songs all received the same amount of votes:

  • I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

  • Under Pressure by Queen

  • With a Little Help From My Friends by the Beatles

Thank you to everyone who participated. Check back next week for a new Just for Fun event: Top Halloween Candy

Have an idea for the Just for Fun section? Send it to Adam (president@nashuatu.org).

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Upcoming Events

  • September 28th

      • TDE Committee, 3:00pm, via Zoom

      • Officers/Superintendent Mtg, 3:30pm, via Zoom

      • Special Board of Education Meeting, 6:00pm, via Zoom (agenda)

  • September 29th

      • Professional Development Master Plan Committee, 3:30pm, via Zoom

      • AFT Teacher Program and Policy Council, 3:30pm, via Zoom

  • October 5th

      • Officers/Superintendent Mtg, 3:30pm, via Zoom

  • October 6th

      • Executive Board Meeting, 4:00pm, via Zoom

  • October 12th

      • No School, Columbus Day

  • October 13th

      • Board of Directors Meeting, 4:15pm, via Zoom

      • BOE Human Resources Committee Meeting, 5:30pm, Nashua High School North

      • Board of Education Meeting, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • October 14th

      • BOE Finance and Operations Committee Meeting, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • October 20th

      • BOE Curriculum and Evaluation Committee Meeting, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • October 21st

      • BOE Policy Committee Meeting, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

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