Week of January 10, 2022

Message from the President

Last week in i-News, the district published a new, temporary policy approved by the Board of Education on December 20th. The policy allows vaccinated staff, who test positive with a PCR test, to access up to 10 sick days that are not deducted from their personal sick time. This is a one-time benefit. Many of you were thankful for this new policy, but others have expressed some concerns.

Since the policy has come up, I have received several emails expressing concern. The main concerns have been relative to applying this retroactively, the specificity of the test, and if it can apply to those who are not eligible to be vaccinated. I have voiced these concerns to Central Office and some members of the Board. I have asked them to reconsider and make amendments to this policy. As I get more information, I will share it through the Board of Directors.

Know Your Contract

Teacher Retirement Deadline Notice

Attention teachers considering retirement at the end of this school year!!!

Under Article 4.9A of the contract, in order to be eligible for your severance, you must submit a binding letter of retirement to the Superintendent no later than February 1, 2022.

Sample Retirement Letter

I would also suggest that you set up an appointment with the New Hampshire Retirement System. In order to receive your severance, you must provide a copy of your first retirement check.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

Share my lesson has a plethora of lessons and activities recognizing and honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.


End 68 Hours of Hunger - Nashua Food Drive

Have an idea for the Just for Fun section? Send it to Adam (president@nashuatu.org).

O Christmas Tree...

Whoa! We have a tie! I know I told you I love Christmas and stuff, but my tree is down and so are my decorations. I took them down mainly because I was going to Los Angeles, but now I'm not. Would it be weird to put my tree back up...now?

Just for Fun

I'm a big Star Trek fan. Sometimes they deal with time travel, as is the case in Star Trek: Discovery. That made me think...if you could time travel, would you to the past or to the future?

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Upcoming Events

  • January 10th

      • Building and Safety Committee, 4:00pm, via Zoom (email Gary Hoffman for the link vicepresident@nashuatu.org)

      • Board of Education Organizational Meeting, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • January 11th

      • Board of Directors, 4:15pm, via Zoom

  • January 12th

      • Early Release

  • January 17th

      • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; No School

  • January 18th

      • NTU President/Superintendent Meeting, 9:00am, Central Office

      • Executive Board/Superintendent Meeting, 4:00pm, Central Office

  • January 25th

      • NTU President/Superintendent Meeting, 9:00am, Central Office

      • Internal Para-Educator Negotiations, 4:00pm, Union Office

  • January 27th

      • Food Service Negotiations, 2:00pm, via Zoom

  • February 1st

      • NTU President/Superintendent Meeting, 9:00am, Central Office

      • Executive Board, 4:00pm, via Zoom

  • February 2nd

      • Unit C - Secretary Unit Membership Meeting; 4:15pm, Nashua High School North

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