2017-2018 Presentations

Teacher Leaders Present a Year of Research and Work

On May 19th, the 2017-2018 Teacher Leaders came together at Nashua High School North to present their research projects to the community. This year members worked on the following topics:

  • Attendance and Competency Grading
  • Educating the Parents of Our ELL Students
  • Freshman Transition
  • Homework
  • Increase Family Engagement
  • More Effective Special Education Classrooms
  • Newcomer Program - ELL
  • Promoting Resilient Learners
  • Substitute Crisis That Exists
  • 21st Century Transcripts

Some members also presented their projects to the Board of Education at a Special Board of Education Work Session on June 20th. The goal of the research projects is to implement them into the district and/or schools to improve the district/school. Since the beginning of this program, several research projects have been adopted in the district including the rotating/water fall schedules used at Fairgrounds and Elm Street Middle Schools.