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Upcoming COPE Meetings:

Tuesday, February 12th at 4:00pm

Local News

Mark your Calendars!

Nashua Special Election for Board of Aldermen

Tuesday, March 5th

Nashua voters have a clear choice between:

Fred S. Teeboom – former Alderman and father of the spending cap which has slowly starved public services of the resources needed to do the job – and

Benjamin M. Clemons – former Alderman and staunch supporter of public schools, our students and our staff.

NTU COPE will meet Tuesday, February 12th at 4:00pm to formally endorse and plan actions to support our endorsed candidate. Any NTU member is welcome.

State News

Tell NH Department Of Education

and Commissioner Frank Edelblut:

Keep Your Hands off Nashua High Schools’ Diplomas!

The State Department of Education is pushing for rules to be adopted to enable its new Learn Everywhere program. Learn Everywhere would allow the State BOE to accredit any non-profit or for-profit organization in the state to grant high school credits and ANY High School in NH would HAVE TO ACCEPT them for graduation credit – regardless of whether they meet locally set standards! If this passes, a student could spend most of their high school career taking classes through a for-profit Learn Everywhere group and still get a Nashua High South or Nashua High North Diploma.

Actions needed this week:

SB 140 – a bill to strip the State BOE of the authority to make this kind of rule – will be heard February 12 in the Senate Education Committee. Please email chair Jay Kahn to tell him that you support the bill because LOCAL Boards of Education should be the ones to determine what counts as graduation credit for their high schools.

Contact the State Board of Education and tell them you oppose the Learn Everywhere rule proposal, unless it is changed to preserve local control. Local boards should have the right to determine if the credit is rigorous to meet local graduation standards.

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Deb Howes