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COPE Update

August 17, 2020


Any NH voter can vote absentee this year due to concerns over COVID-19.

1. You must request an absentee ballot by:

a. contacting your City or Town Clerk (see your city or town website) or

b. downloading the absentee ballot request form form from the NH Secretary of State 20-covid.pdf

2. Under reason for requesting and absentee ballot, check the box marked “I am unable to vote in person due to concern for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).”

3. The ballot request form covers BOTH the primary on Sept. 8 and the general election on November 3rd, if you check both boxes.

4. Once received, the Clerk will mail you your ballot ahead of each election.

a. To receive and return a ballot in time for the Sept. 8 state primary, the form should be downloaded and submitted THIS WEEK.

b. When filing out the ballot request form for the primary, you need to state which party’s ballot you are requesting. If you are registered Undeclared, this will register you in the party of ballot you select for the primary. Contact you City or Town Clerk after the primary should you wish to re-register as Undeclared.

5. Completed requests for absentee ballot forms may be MAILED, FAXED or RETURNED in person to your City or Town Clerk.

6. Once you receive your ballot, read and follow all instructions that come with your ballot CAREFULLY to ensure your VOTE will not be disqualified.

7. Completed BALLOTS can be mailed to your Town or City Clerk. They must be received by 5 pm election day.

a. The American Postal Workers Union suggests mailing ballots by August 31st for the September 8th primary.

b. Contact your City or Town Clerk for options to return your ballot in person before election day. (no lines = much less COVID risk)

8. Not registered to vote? Contact your City or Town Clerk ASAP. That can be done in person or absentee as well. It can also be done at the polls on Election Day.

Contact NTU COPE


Deb Howes