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Upcoming COPE Meetings:

Wednesday, July 17th at 3:00pm NTU Office

Wednesday, August 14th at 3:00pm NTU Office

COPE Update - Week of June 10, 2019

Want a Better Board of Education? Get Involved!

2019 is a Municipal Election year in Nashua. This year we will vote for 5 Board of Education members as well as a Mayor, 3 Aldermen at-Large, and 9 Ward Aldermen. We have the opportunity to reshape the BOE so it can function to focus mostly on the needs of our students, rather than being endlessly distracted by the deliberate attempts by 2 or 3 current BOE members to put their own political agendas ahead of the needs of our students and our district.

How can you get involved over the summer?

1. Help recruit candidates!

a. We need a retired teacher, retired para-educator or retired secretary to step up and run. The voice of someone who really knows our students, our schools and what they need is essential on the board. Retired teacher Susan Porter is not running for reelection so we need to replace her valuable input.

b. If you know someone who is interested in running, I will be happy to talk to them about the process.

2. Attend a NTU COPE meeting

a. Wed. July 17th @ 3pm - NTU office: candidate recruitment, COPE fundraising

b. Wed. Aug 14th @ 3pm – NTU office: plan Election Campaign activities, volunteer recruitment

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Deb Howes