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NTU COPE UPDATE - Week of April 15th

On April 11 the NH House Passed its Budget

  • Includes $164 million in increased aid to cities and towns for public schools
    • An additional $1.83 million for Nashua’s schools in School year 2019-2020 compared to current law.
    • An additional $9.52 million for Nashua’s schools in School year 2020-2021 compared to current law.
  • Includes funding for the Retiree’s 1.5% COLA on the first 50,000 of their pension.
  • To pay for that spending and to provide tax relief to local property tax payers, the house
    • Extends the Interest and Dividends Tax to Capital Gains.
    • Takes out the Governor’s spending of surplus money on a multitude of 1 time projects around the state.
    • Cancels the planned further reductions in Business taxes.
  • The Senate has begins work on its version on the budget this week with briefing from the House Finance Committee. It has until June to finish.
  • The Governor is already threatening a veto.
  • Be ready for a call to remind our Senators how important the addition education funding is us, our schools and our students early in May as part of the Fund Our Future Campaign!

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