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COPE Update

March 19, 2020

Please Contact the NH Board of Education

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These are unprecedented times! Our schools have been closed to slow the spread of COVID-19, to keep our students, staff, families and communities safe. We have had one week to plan and implement our transition to distance education, which goes live next week with everyone working and learning from their homes.

During this crisis we need to focus on getting academically appropriate assignments and activities out to our students, to help them continue learning during this time, and on maintaining positive communication with families. We need to focus on our students, not paperwork.

We are asking for your help.

1. Please petition the US Dept. of Education Office of Special Education Programs for a waiver of all timelines related to Special Education paperwork for the duration for the National Emergency.

a. Evaluation and re-evaluation timelines should be waived for the duration of the National Emergency. It would endanger both students and staff to ask them to meet in person for testing at a time when we are asking everyone else to stay at home.

b. Some Special Education paperwork requires access to cumulative paper records housed in schools and cannot be done from home. It is unsafe to require some staff to repeatedly report to school buildings during this National Emergency just to complete paperwork.

Here’s the contact information for the Nashua area representative to the NH BOE

Helen Honorow

Phone: (603) 598-8433

Office: (603) 883-0474

Contact NTU COPE


Deb Howes