COPE Update: Week of 11/09/2020

Election Recap

SUCCESS of Federal level candidates in NH

· President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris won NH and the Electoral College

· Re-election of US Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

· Re-election of Rep. Annie Kuster and Rep. Chris Pappas to Congress


· 25 out of 26 recommended NH State Representative won their elections

· 1 of 2 NH State Senators won

o Senator Cindy Rosenwald re-elected

o Senator Melanie Levesque carried her Nashua districts and Hollis but not smaller towns to the west

· Executive Councilor Debora Pignatelli carried Nashua but not enough of the smaller towns to the west.

Next 2 years in Concord

· Governor Sununu was reelected

· Executive Council: 4R 1D *

· NH Senate: 14R 10D *

· NH House: approximately 210R 190D *

*recounts have been requested

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