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Week of February 17, 2020

SB 747 – Grant Money to Expand Charter Schools

    • This grant was turned down twice by the joint House- Senate Fiscal Committee because it would saddle the state with millions in costs once the grant ran out in a year
    • Senator Jeb Bradley introduced SB 747 bill to allow the NH DOE to accept up to $10,114,518 of federal grants
    • This money would allow for “increasing, expanding or replicating” charter schools in NH
    • In response larger grant proposal last fall that would have doubled the number of charter schools, analysis showed NH would face an INCREASE in its funding obligation of $57 to $104 million over 10 years.
    • We don’t adequately fund our public schools now! We can’t afford the consequences of taking this grant money!
    • SB 747 has a hearing in Senate Finance Committee Tues Feb 18 at 1PM.
    • Contact Senate Finance THIS WEEK and tell them NO on SB 747

NH Presidential Primary Recap


    • Talked to candidates about what we need for our students and schools so we can do our jobs well
    • Supported a candidate who supports our core values with your time, energy or donations
    • VOTED to make sure the candidate on the ballot in November supports public school students and staff
    • A special note of thanks to anyone who helped to run the election in their ward or town. Counting votes accurately and reporting them without errors helps restore confidence that the process is fair and voting matters.
    • Whether your preferred candidate came in 1st or somewhere further down, we can all be proud that NTU members were making the case for paying attention to the needs of public school students and staff. The future depends on us.

A note about AFT’s national endorsement process

      • AFT’s endorsement of a presidential candidate will likely come sometime in late spring or early summer – after most of the primaries and caucuses but before our AFT Convention.
      • AFT has been surveying members on what issues are important to us as well as candidate preference by phone and on the website
      • AFT has been talking to local presidents about their members input on the presidential endorsement at its Regional Presidents Conferences being held around the country this winter.
      • The AFT Executive Council will consider all this input from members and local leaders, as well as its interviews with candidates when reaching its endorsement decision.

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