Professional Development Master Plan

The primary purpose of the Professional Development Master Plan Committee is the development and implementation of a Master Plan that meets local in-service needs and indicates objectives, program activities, and evaluative tools relative to the improvement of the quality of education and increased student performance. The development of the Professional Development Master Plan required numerous meetings and participation of a wide variety of district stakeholders. During these meetings, the committee developed a plan that incorporated current research and responded to numerous shifts in understanding of best practices in professional development. The following outlines the shifts in professional development that are reflected in Nashua’s Professional Development Master Plan and specifically, the shift to an evidence-based documentation of professional learning.

Responsibilities of the Professional Development Master Plan Committee:

Membership on the Professional Development Master Plan Committee

It is the District’s intent to provide representation from all stakeholders in the professional development process allowing for a powerful and safe environment that increases professional learning in order to maximize student learning. Membership includes an equal number of teachers and administrators selected and configured thus:

Appointed by the NTU (14)                           Appointed by the Superintendent (14)

Elementary 4                                                      Elementary Administrators 4

Middle School 2                                                Middle School Administrators 1

High School 4                                                     High School Administrators 2

Districtwide/specialist 3                              Districtwide 2

Para-educator 1                                                Board of Education 1

                                                                              Assistant Superintendent 1

                                                                              Others designated 3

For more information please contact Ken Heaton, NTU Co-Chair.

Professional Development Master Plan Committee Members

For the Nashua Teachers' Union

Adam Marcoux, Nashua Teachers' Union President

Elementary Schools

Kathleen DuDevoir, Bicentennial Elementary SchoolDeb Howes, Amherst Elementary SchoolHallie Stone, Main Dunstable Elementary SchoolDave Varano, Birch Hill Elementary School

Middle Schools

Linda Lennon, Elm Street Middle SchoolDenise Rock, Elm Street Middle School

High Schools

Kim Carrozza, Nashua High School SouthMaureen Curran, Nashua High School NorthKen Heaton, Co-Chair, Nashua High School SouthRobin Peringer, Nashua High School South


Scott Jaquith, Fairgrounds Middle SchoolMargaret Maroni, Pennichuck MIddle SchoolVacant


Bobbie Desjardins, New Searles Elementary School

For the Nashua School District

Dr. Garth McKinney, Co-Chair, Assistant Superintendent

Elementary Schools

Tracey Cassady, Dr. Crisp Elementary SchoolVacantVacantVacant

Middle Schools

Helayne Talbott, Fairgrounds Middle School

High Schools

Nathan Burns, Nashua High School NorthKeith Richard, Nashua High School South


VacantDiane Vienneau, District-Wide Peer Coach

Other Appointees

Donna Fitzpatrick, Assistant SuperintendentVacantVacant

Board of Education

Doris Hohensee 

2018-2019 Meeting Schedule