Unions Call for Coffman's Resignation

Nashua Association of School Administrators and Directors

Nashua Association of School Principals

OCTOBER 9, 2018

CONTACT: Adam Marcoux, Nashua Teachers’ Union

Unions Call for Coffman’s Resignation

On behalf of their members, the Chapter Chair of the Nashua School Custodians Union, Local 365/Council 93, AFSCME, AFL-CIO Donna Grady, the President of the Nashua Association of School Administrators and Directors David Rauseo, the President of the Nashua Association of School Principals Mark Lucas, and the President of Nashua Teachers’ Union, AFT Local 1044, AFL-CIO Adam Marcoux, call on Board of Education member Howard Coffman to resign his seat on the Nashua Board of Education immediately.

Over the last several months, Mr. Coffman has repeatedly demonstrated behavior that is unbecoming of an elected official.

Mr. Coffman’s behaviors include:

  • behaving in such an unprofessional and inappropriate manner that others present felt their safety was in jeopardy;
  • making repeated and numerous requests for information, with no regard to the necessity for the information to conduct Board business, the amount of staff time it will take to gather the information, nor the impact it has on taking focus away from educating our students;
  • making lengthy speeches at Board of Education meetings that showcase his political philosophy but take time away from focusing on the needs of our students;
  • repeatedly interrupting the Board President and other Board of Education members while they are speaking;
  • using disrespectful language towards other members, in particular denigrating them in the text of his prepared speeches;
  • using excessively picky, and sometimes unique interpretations of parliamentary procedure to impede the work of the Board of Education rather than as an aid in getting things done for the good of the students of the Nashua School District.

The students and employees of the Nashua School District, and the residents of the City of Nashua deserve a school board that works together, moving our district forward. For this reason, and those listed above, we request Mr. Coffman’s resignation from the Nashua Board of Education.