Week of September 27, 2021

Message from the President

Last Wednesday, I held a meeting members of Unit A - Teachers to provide an update on negotiations. The contract expired on August 31st. I reviewed the timeline of negotiations, some things that have gotten away, mainly COVID, and how things had progressed thus far. It is no surprise that the two big ticket items are salary/steps and health insurance.

During the meeting, the membership present approved the following motion:

All members covered under the current teachers' contract drop all district and schoolwide committees on October 1st and authorize the Board of Directors of the NTU to call for additional actions by the NTU members if a successor agreement is not reach with the Board of Education at the September 30th negotiations session.

There have already been some questions about what this means. This applies to any district or school committee that meets outside of your contractual day. If it is held during your school day, you can be required to attend by your principal. The motion does not apply to your 15 faculty meetings that are a contractual obligation. It also does not apply to new teacher cohorts as those are also contractual obligations. The meetings referenced in the motion include things such as steering committees, Professional Development Master Plan Committee, Teacher Development and Evaluation Committee, and other such committees that you volunteer for that fall outside of your contractual day. If you have any questions on this, please speak to one of your building representatives.

As things progress, I will provide updates through the Monday Morning Message, or if urgent, through the Board of Directors via email.

Ratification Meeting Today

All members of Unit B - Para-Educators are invited to attend the contract ratification meeting this afternoon starting at 4:00pm at Nashua High School North. The proposed contract will be presented and voted upon by the members present.


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Next COPE Meeting: To Be Scheduled

Know Your Contract

Using School Email

It is very common for staff to communication with parents, colleagues, the Union, and school district administration through school email, especially during remote learning. As public employees, any email you send using your nashua.edu or nsd42.net account is subject to the Right to Know laws under RSA 91-A. I would remind all staff that school email should be used for school purposes only. Those purposes could include communicating with administrators, parents, students (see POPPs Policy GBEBD), and colleagues about school-related topics. Your school email should generally not be used for personal business (see POPPs Policy EHAA). General Union business can be sent through school email including meeting announcements, updates, the Monday Morning Message, etc. If you are seeking advice regarding a concern you may have with your administrator, you should use your personal email or call the Union directly. It is safe to assume you can respond to the Union on your school email if we have emailed you directly. Please be mindful of how you are using your school email. If you have any questions, please contact the Union Office.

Divisive Concepts Town Hall

Save the Date!

Thursday, October 14th at 4:30pm

AFT-NH will be hosting a virtual Town Hall on the Divisive Concepts Law. We will have national as well as state experts on where the controversy came from, what the law and guidance say and what your rights and responsibilities are as an educator. There will be a chance to ask questions as well as share what you are seeing in your schools.

I will send information on how to access the Town Hall when it becomes available.

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Pick a Vacation!

I think I can safely say that everyone loves vacation. Here are the results from last week's Pick Your Vacation Question.

Vacation 1: 37.2%

Vacation 5: 28.3%

Vacation 4: 15.9%

Vacation 2: 6.9%

Vacation 3: 6.2%

Vacation 6: 5.5%

Just for Fun

Autumn started last week. With that comes pumpkin this, pumpkin that, and much more. If one had to go, which one would you toss out?

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Upcoming Events

  • September 27th

      • Para-Educator Contract Ratification Meeting, 4:00pm, Nashua High School North Auditorium

      • BOE Human Resources Committee, 5:30pm, Nashua High School North (agenda)

      • Board of Education, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North (agenda)

  • September 28th

      • NTU President/Superintendent Meeting, 9:00am, Central Office

      • Food Service Negotiations, 2:00pm, via Zoom

  • September 29th

      • AFT-NH Board of Directors, 4:30pm, via Zoom

  • September 30th

      • Teacher Negotiations, 4:30pm, Central Office

  • October 5th

      • NTU President/Superintendent Meeting, 9:00am, Central Office

      • Executive Board Meeting, 4:00pm, via Zoom

  • October 11

      • No School; Columbus Day

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