Week of September 13, 2021

Seeking Teacher Leaders

2021 Community Baby Shower

The 2021 Community Baby Shower hosted by the United Way of Greater Nashua is happening October 5th. Once again, the NTU will be collecting items for that event. The blue bins will be coming to your schools soon to collect donations through September 23rd. A special thank you goes out to AFT-NH President and former NTU Vice President Deb Howes for organizing this event again this year.

If you have any questions, please contact Deb (president@aft-nh.org) or Adam (president@nashuatu.org).

Vacancies on the Board of Directors

The following positions are vacant on the Board of Directors. Vacancies are either a one or two year term (see date next to each position for when the term expires). The Board of Directors meetings monthly to discuss Union related issues, actions, and other business as needed. Board members also help disseminate information from the Union Office, meet with administration for questions about contracts, and assist members with questions, concerns and when meeting with administration. Members of the Board Directors are supported by the Grievance Chairs and the Executive Board. If you have any questions, or are interested in one of the vacant positions, please contact Adam (president@nashuatu.org).

Amherst Street

Teacher Representative (2022)

Para-Educator Representative (2022)


Para-Educator Representative (2023)

Main Dunstable

Teacher Representative (2023)

New Searles

Teacher Representative (2023)

Title I

One (1) Representative (2022)

Food Service

One (1) Representative (2022)


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Next COPE Meeting: Monday, September 20th at 4:00pm at the Union Office

Know Your Contract

Jury Duty

As people who work for a school district , we are not exempt from being called to Jury Duty. Each contract has specific language regarding court appearances:

  • Teachers: Article 6:12

  • Paras: Article 6:6

  • Secretaries: Article 6:7

  • Food Service: Article 6:4

While the language is different in each contract , they all share a common theme. If you are summoned to jury duty, you need to go. If you are paid for your services, bring proof of that to the Payroll Office at Central Office, and you will be paid the difference of what you would be paid for a regular day.

For example, if your regular pay is $50 per day, and the Court pays you $10, the district will pay you the additional $40 to make you whole for that day.

Divisive Concepts Town Hall

Save the Date!

Thursday, October 14th at 4:30pm

AFT-NH will be hosting a virtual Town Hall on the Divisive Concepts Law. We will have national as well as state experts on where the controversy came from, what the law and guidance say and what your rights and responsibilities are as an educator. There will be a chance to ask questions as well as share what you are seeing in your schools.

I will send information on how to access the Town Hall when it becomes available.

Have an idea for the Just for Fun section? Send it to Adam (president@nashuatu.org).

Going Back in Time

There were some very interesting answers to the Going Back in Time question. Take a look at what your colleagues add to say.

Going Back in Time Answers

Just for Fun

I'll admit, I get sucked into watching TV and hooked shows. I can honestly say that I have been sad to see some shows go, and not surprised by others untimely demise. Thinking back about how the shows you've watch, if you could have a series come back, which series would it be? Reboots are all the rage right now. If you could reboot something, what series would you pick?

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Upcoming Events

  • September 13th

      • BOE Human Resources Committee, 5:30pm, Nashua High School North (agenda)

      • Board of Education, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North (agenda)

  • September 14th

      • Board of Directors, 4:15pm, Location TBA

      • BOE Finance and Operations Committee, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • September 20th

      • COPE Meeting, 4:00pm, Union Office

      • BOE Curriculum and Evaluation Committee, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • September 21st

      • Food Service Negotiations, 3:00pm, via Zoom

      • BOE Policy Committee, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • September 22nd

      • Teacher Contract Negotiations Update, 4:30pm, Nashua High School South Auditorium

  • September 23rd

      • Teacher Leaders Program Info Session. 4:00pm, Union Office

  • September 27th

      • Para-Educator Contract Ratification Meeting, 4:00pm, Nashua High School North Auditorium

      • BOE Human Resources Committee, 5:30pm, Nashua High School North

      • Board of Education, 6:00pm, Nashua High School North

  • September 28th

      • Food Service Negotiations, 2:00pm, via Zoom

  • September 29th

      • AFT-NH Board of Directors, 4:30pm, via Zoom

Questions? Comments? Need Assistance? Contact a member of the Executive Board

Trying to email Adam? Make sure to use president@nashuatu.org