NTU Supports End 68 Hours of Hunger


CONTACT: Adam Marcoux, President, Office: 603-888-7544


NASHUA, NH November 26, 2019 – During their meeting on November 19th, the Nashua Teachers’ Union Board of Directors unanimously voted to support End 68 Hours of Hunger – Nashua with a donation of $4,000.00 to purchase the food needed to feed Nashua students.

“It was a very easy discussion for our Board,” said Nashua Teachers’ Union President Adam Marcoux. “We have seen first-hand what this organization has done for approximately 400 students, and by extension, their families. This organization not only feeds these kids each weekend, but over the three vacation weeks. We have worked closely with End 68 Hours Hunger before, and people really appreciate what their organization does for our students.”

“It’s 2019 and hunger continues to be a problem for many of our students.” Marcoux went on to say, “I was talking with a retired nurse and this came up. She recalled speaking with a student at her school, asking if they were excited about the upcoming vacation. The student answered no. When asked why, they responded ‘because I don’t get to eat at home.’ It is a heartbreaking situation to think about our students having to worry about food.”

“One of the goals of the Nashua Teachers’ Union is to be a community partner, supporting groups and organizations that work to help our students and schools. We are proud to once again support End 68 Hours of Hunger in their effort to help our students.”

For more information on End 68 Hours of Hunger – Nashua, please visit www.end68hoursofhunger.org.