2022 Special Election - Secretaries Unit

Candidates for the Vacant Secretaries Position - Board of Directors

There currently is a vacancy on the Board of Directors for one secretary. There are three candidates vying for the position. The candidate with the most votes will be appointed by NTU President Adam Marcoux at the October 11th Board of Directors meeting.

Kimberly Hergenhahn

Nashua High School South

Thank you for considering me for the secretary seat on the Board of Directors. I am the financial administrative assistant at Nashua High School South and I love being part of the Panther family! I am running for this position because I believe in the value and the power of labor unions. Unions provide the united strength that an individual employee may not have on their own, and unions give workers negotiating power and job security which can help provide a more stable financial future. I believe I would be a great secretary representative because I am organized, responsible, trust-worthy, and have a positive outlook. I will work hard to support all of my coworkers here at the Nashua School District.

Thank you so much for your consideration.

Kim Hergenhahn

Kelley Ryan

Amherst Street School

My name is Kelley Ryan. I am a secretary at Amherst St Elementary School. I began my journey with the Nashua School District in June 2021. Prior to working in Nashua, I was employed in the Pelham School District. I worked there for just over ten years as a lunch monitor, Gen Ed Instructional Assistant, Special Ed Assistant, Office Staff and Library Media Assistant. I received an opportunity to work in the office at Amherst St that allowed me more hours than I had been working in Pelham. I am so grateful and happy to be here. I truly love working in the educational system. I enjoy seeing the students grow and I love working with educators in all aspects. During my time in Pelham, I worked closely with our Union President and was also a building rep. I believe in the motto “be the change you want to see”. It is hard to make progress or change as an individual, but as a team or representative, it is easier to accomplish things. I am a true believer in fighting for what is right and listening to people’s concerns. Communication is key in any situation and I would like the opportunity to advocate for the secretaries of the Nashua School District. I think I would make a great secretary representative and I am honored to be considered.


Kelley Ryan